Digital Innovation Zone launched the first call for access to state aid for digitization and innovation for SMEs in the North-East Region,

DIZ will select at least 30 SMEs, with projects to digitize their business, with priority in the fields of health and/or production, or that develop solutions that are applicable in these fields.

SMEs will benefit, for a minimum of 6 months, from support services for the digitization of their activity or the integration of new technologies, from auditing digitization needs, to technology demonstration and testing services, the development of a solution or product concept with digital component, access to advanced digital skills or digital culture programs.

By launching this call, the Digital Innovation Zone aims to identify and support small and medium-sized enterprises in the health and manufacturing sectors, as well as innovators developing innovative solutions in these areas.

The main goal is to provide non-refundable financial support, between 50,000 – 150,000. euros and specialized consultancy to accelerate the digitization process and implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

The Digital Innovation Zone aims to become the trusted partner of SMEs and innovators in the healthcare and manufacturing sectors, providing them with the necessary resources to achieve excellence in the digital age.

Who can apply?

Any SME in the North-East Region that meets the eligibility criteria mentioned in the Applicant’s Guide.

The documentation attached to the guide, namely annex 1, annex 2 and annex 3, is for information purposes and will be completed and signed by the legal representative at the time of contracting.

How can you apply?

The application consists of completing the Digital Evaluator Tool questionnaire together with at least 3 colleagues from your company (each person will complete the Digital Evaluator Tool individually) and completing the Expression of Interest online.
The expression of interest will be completed using the Apply to this call form (see above) to which the results of the Digital Evaluator Tool questionnaire will be attached in PDF format (4 results).

Important dates

The call is launched on January 22, 2024 and will be open until June 01, 2024 for transformers SMEs, respectively December 31, 2024 for innovative SMEs. During this time, the DIZ team will be in constant contact with everyone who wants to know more information about the call, as well as answer any questions that may arise along the way.

How do you know which category you fall into, transformative SME or innovative SME? After going through the Digital Evaluator Tool, you will get a result, and based on it, the DIZ experts will determine the right category for you.

Launching the selection call

22 JANUARY 2024

Closing the selection call

01 JUNE 2024 – transformers SMEs / 31 DECEMBER 2024 – innovative SMEs

Conducting selection interviews:

Continuously throughout the application process.

Evaluation of applications (on a first-come-first-served basis)

01 JUNE 2024 – transformers SME / 31 DECEMBER 2024 innovative SME

Publishing results

02 JUNE 2024 – transformers SME / Continuous until 5 JANUARY 2025 – innovative SME

Appeals and settlement

3 days after receiving the evaluation result, no later than 6 JUNE 2024 – transformers SME / 3 days after receiving the evaluation result, no later than 8 JANUARY 2025 – innovative SME

Publishing the final beneficiaries list

6 JUNE 2024 – transformers SME / Continuous, as contracted, no later than 10 JANUARY 2025 – innovative SME

Contracting Digital Innovation Zone Customers (Beneficiaries)

Continuous until funds are exhausted, no later than 10 JUNE 2024 – transformers SME / Continuous until funds are exhausted, no later than 10 JANUARY 2025 – Innovative SME

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