Management 3.0 – How to manage your team remotely

Here we come to the # 5 webinar in which Cristina Baghiu, one of the founders of the Digital Innovation Zone, presents us with an innovative Management style – Management 3.0, to work with the remote team.
In this module you will find:

  • how to better manage the team, remotely, ensuring the success of the activity
  • what are the advantages of working remotely (eg you can hire a larger team and eliminate the expenses for an expensive office)
  • what are the disadvantages and how to prevent them

You will receive a list of the best tools and best practices for remote work.

Cristina Baghiu, after over 19 years of experience in sales, banking, business development, credit analysis, branch network, human resources and general management, team management in the last 15 years, now follows a new passion in development of technological products, energy efficiency solutions and digital innovations.
Passionate about Agile methodology and Design Thinking
Active Management 3.0 facilitator, Agile HR (IC Agile) certified coach, EIT Health Innovation student, FORTH Innovation certified facilitator, Lego Serious Play facilitator, regional community developer focused on providing a change in innovation culture in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Prepare questions and come and discuss them together, Thursday, April 30 at 17:00.