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About provider

• Consulting services and implementation of AI solutions.

• Offers products starting in 2022.

• Company size: micro-enterprise (0-9 employees).

• Target customers: Public institutions, SMEs.


• Creșterea conștientizării nevoii de digitalizare.

• Commercial infrastructure.

• Digital maturity assessment.

• Building the digitization ecosystem, research, intermediation, networking.

• Education and development of digital skills.

• Collecting and analyzing marketing data.

• Testing and validation.

• Setting the vision and developing the strategy for the business.

Target customers

• Public institutions

• SMEs.

Service description

1. Consulting for the discovery of opportunities:

• Close collaboration with customers to identify potential data science use cases.
• Conducting detailed analysis and evaluations to determine the viability and potential impact of these usage scenarios.


2. Data Strategy Discovery Consulting:

• Assist clients in designing robust data strategies aligned with their business objectives.
• Developing frameworks for optimizing data collection, storage and use.


3. Development of prototypes/minimum viable products (MVPs):

• Creating prototypes and MVPs to demonstrate the functionality and potential of data science/machine learning solutions.
• Rapid validation of concepts and identification of effective solutions for specific customer needs.


4. Implementation of data science/machine learning solutions:

• Production of data science and machine learning use cases, guaranteeing their optimal operation.
• Constant monitoring of ongoing usage scenarios using the most advanced techniques and tools available. In terms of application areas, we would like to emphasize that we focus on a wide range of cases in the sector, including:
• Natural Language Processing (NLP)
• Multipurpose Learning Language Models (LLMs)
• Budget optimization
• Process optimization
• Use advanced models to increase efficiency

Another important aspect is preparing companies for the future of a data-driven organization by developing an enterprise-wide strategy for establishing the organizational structure and teams of data scientists (Data scientists).

Economic sectors

• Aeronautics and space; Agriculture and food; Community, social and personal service activities; Construction, Consumer goods/products; Culture and creative industries; Defense and Security; Education Energy and utilities; Environment; Financial services; Life Sciences and Healthcare; Manufacture of base metals and fabricated metal products; Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres; Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment; Professional, scientific and technical activities; Transport and logistics.

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