Product supplier

About provider

• Production of lighting fixtures and lighting control and automation equipment.

• Offers products since 2009.

• Company size: medium-sized enterprise, 50-249 employees.

• Target customers: Public institutions, Hospitals/medical practices, SMEs.


Dara Lighting.

DARA Lighting is the hardware and software platform that helps to automate lighting, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and providing a productive framework. In the healthcare area, it can be used with an effect on the well-being of patients, with results in speeding up recovery after medical interventions.

Dara Agro.

DARA AGRO is the applicable solution for chicken farms, with remarkable benefits on average productivity (weight gain obtained due to the effect produced by the special types of LEDs and the lighting recipe integrated in the control system)

Street lighting

Integrated solution for the intelligent control of street lighting.

Target customers

• Public institutions

• Hospitals/Medical Offices

• SMEs

Product description

Processes that can be digitized through the solution:

• Product design and services including research, development and innovation.

The level of technological development:

• Mature solution, market-ready or already commercialized on the market.

Economic sectors

• Agriculture and food, Construction, Culture and creative industries, Life sciences and healthcare, Telecommunications, Information and Communications.

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