DIH Slovenia & DIZ HUB – mutual cooperation partnership in the field of digital transformation, with special focus on digital skills and Artificial Intelligence

Digital Innovation Zone Romania and Digital innovation hub Slovenia both effectively support production companies, product manufacturers/providers, service providers and the public sector in digitally optimising their service offerings and improving their (business/administrative) processes in line with demand using value-oriented methods.

Especially in times of serious social, economic, ecological and
technical changes, the planned measures are very helpful for the target groups to develop their resilience against the background of the digital transformation. In addition to the technological aspects of digitisation,
the accompanying topics, e.g. legal, organisational and economic issues, are of great regional importance.

The objective of this cooperation agreement is to unite efforts and capacities to provide services for digitalization (SME business development, investment attraction and export promotion, promotion of
digital business development networks, innovation, competitiveness, technology transfer) by interconnecting knowledge, technologies and people. Both parties will raise each other’s visibility,complement each other’s services and enhance the quality of services provided by both parties.

will jointly collaborate on:
• Identification of advanced digital models with applicability both in the private and the public sector;
• Facilitating public-private partnerships that want to effectively implement EU digitalization policies;
• Exchange the information on activities that could be of interest to the other party;
• Organization of conferences, B2B events, trainings and workshops;
• Suport each other’s events by contributing speaker lessons;
• Sharing best practices and performing study visits;
• Development of Strategies and Action Plans in the field of digitalization based on best practices;
• European development projects that can bring benefit to the SMEs in both regions.

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