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– Consulting and IT services in the fields of:

Cybersecurity, Design, implementation and operation of end-to-end solutions to protect our clients’ organizations.

Software application development: web, mobile, enterprise (Microsoft Gold Partner – Web Development)

Process optimization / digitization: human resources, sales and marketing, project planning and tracking, workflow management / automation, approvals, notifications. We create custom solutions, adapt and extend ERP / ITSM applications.

Design, hosting (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), multi-cloud IT infrastructure management (Azure, Amazon, Google Cloud, IBM Finance Cloud).

Big Data, Data mining, Business intelligence (Microsoft Gold Partner – Data Platforms).

Plus the value of Expertware. We own a redundant hybrid cloud IT architecture: two Data Centers in Suceava + Microsoft Azure tenant (North Europe), virtualized server farms, “enterprise” storage and replication capabilities (100+TB operational capacity), protection through backup solutions (Veeam backup + Dell EMC Data Domain), multiple network and Internet connections, electrical network redundancy (batteries + diesel generator).

Our clients, to whom we offer high-tech services, are multi-national corporations with turnover of more than EUR 1 bn/year.

Expertware benefits from direct access and visibility to CxO positions (CTO, CIO, CEO).

We have 3 international locations, 70+ Engineers, 150+ certifications, 25+ partnerships, 99.8% customer retention for the last 5 years, 30+ years experience in complex IT architectures.

All our solutions benefit from cyber protection (Cybersecurity defense): continuous monitoring (24h/7days) against ransomware, zero-day, targeted attacks (web, surface scanning, credentials spray, brute-force, DDoS) security incident resolution, confidential information leaks, data, system and user protection.

We are ISO27001, ISO9001 certified, EU and GDPR compliant.

– Offering products since 2006.

– Company size: medium-sized enterprise, 50-249 employees.

– Target customers: SMEs.

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24/7 Cybersecurity Platform and Services We protect organizations against ransomware, brute force, data leakage, takeover, denial-of-service attacks. We offer comprehensive services, not just managing antivirus clients or securing network equipment. Expertware owns and operates an integrated solution that brings together: - NOC: network equipment monitoring and security, - SIEM: collecting, aggregating and querying events from systems, logs, applications, devices, - SOC: 24/7 monitoring, analysis and resolution of detected security incidents, - CTI: integration of information and notifications for detecting zero-day attacks from partners - VM: proactive detection of vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications, libraries and websites in use - KPIs/Analytics: customised dashboards measuring the real-time security posture and performance of SOC & NOC teams. Our platform has been protecting over 10000 devices and users for leading European companies 24/7 since 2018. Over 25 years of experience in the enterprise makes it easy to quickly analyze and find optimal solutions to improve your cybersecurity posture. Expertware's solutions are highly regarded throughout Europe and are resold by large multinational companies (annual revenues of over EUR 1 billion).
Digitising and streamlining medical secretarial services
Software platform that digitizes and streamlines medical secretarial services (appointments, notifications, articles, events). The service helps everyone by providing an easy way to search, request and manage medical appointments. Secretarial services can centrally manage complex situations, send notifications or general interest announcements. In just a few clicks you can find doctors and clinics offering specialised services, consult the diaries available online and request consultations. For doctors, practices, clinics, hospitals Online presence (website and CMS), digital business card, description of services offered, work schedules, online diaries. Digitises medical secretarial services: management of services offered, individual work schedules for specialists, locations, patient notification by email/SMS, management of multiple agendas. Delegation of secretarial activities (one secretary can manage multiple locations and offices). Accept appointments 24/7. Reduces secretarial costs by 50%. Manage patients, contacts, mailing lists. Reduces the number of cancelled appointments. Mobile app. Each specialist can manage their personal agenda, change appointments, block appointments, notify patients, publish articles. Create personal (doctors, specialists) and professional (clinics, practices) articles. Create events and automatically inform patients (procedural and legislative changes, invitations to open door events, promotional campaigns, etc.). Multiple hosting possibilities: dedicated instance, SaaS. Instance for a group of practices/clinics. For the local community, citizens, patients (free of charge) Free 24/7 access to search and request medical appointments. Interactive map showing nearby medical institutions and facilitating search by proximity, specialty. Personalised agenda that keeps a history of all consultations. Automatic email/SMS notifications before appointments. wecare.weeglo.eu
XpertTime is a software solution that offers in a single interface the possibility to manage human resources, project management, certifications and capabilities, strategic planning and last but not least financial optimization (costs vs. revenues). For employees: Digital attendance record Leave request management Management of skills and certifications Work location management (remote, office, client locations, etc) Flexible reporting : hours worked per project/activity, overtime, holidays, certifications, allocated fixed assets, etc. For managers: Team and project management Definition of standard activities and services Approval and administration of leave requests Manage team inventory (mobile, PC, headphones, monitor, etc.) Flexible reporting (by resource, project, team) For managers: Compliance with current legislation (attendance record) Profitability of clients, projects, teams and individuals Occupancy reporting for each team Search for resources based on competencies Global reporting : employees, certifications, clients, projects, inventories Benefits : Optimize human resources management Managing teams, assigning tasks, evaluating employees is a complex process that the application simplifies and streamlines. We replace documents, forms, emails with a fast workflow accessible from anywhere that allows real-time reporting. We estimate a cost reduction of more than 40%, which is generated by shortening the time spent by managers and HR staff. Digitising processes Being a web and mobile app eliminates time consuming processes: attendance records, notebook/tablet scheduling, missing email requests. The effort of managing timesheets, leave requests, projects, competencies and certifications is reduced by up to 75%. Improves strategic planning capability. XpertTime provides accurate information to know what skills or certifications are needed, which teams are overloaded, which resources are underperforming, etc. The app allows managers to optimize their teams, compare revenue vs. costs for each project/client/team or employee. The professional development process is streamlined by ensuring investment in the courses and certifications the business needs. Employee satisfaction is increased by over 50% by eliminating repetitive, annoying tasks. Many processes that used to be managed through emails are modernised, automated ensuring traceability and improved workflows (checks, automatic notifications).https://xperttime.net/
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Digital solutions

Need help choosing the right solution for your business? We can assess the digital maturity of your business together.

With our tool, we analyse the current level of digital maturity of your company/organisation. Areas of analysis include: digital business strategy, digital readiness, human-centric digitalisation,
data management, automation and sustainable digitisation.