Raising awareness and providing or ensuring access to expertise, know-how and digital transformation services, including testing and experimentation facilities.

Skills development in the field of research and innovation: Free advice for beneficiaries on implementation, testing, protection of intellectual property rights; Skills development in the field of knowledge transfer and technology; Identifying and initiating collaborative research and business projects Common facilities (testing laboratories, incubators, accelerators, technology transfer centers, etc.)


Training and support in the development of digital skills. 

Support in developing advanced digital skills (for example, by coordinating with education providers to provide short-term training for workers and internships for students).

Innovation Management Assessements to evaluate the innovative capacity of SMEs in the region, the needs of digitalisation and proposing digitalisation strategies to increase performance in this field

Organizing thematic focus groups for the implementation of specific tasks

Participating in the development and implementation of vocational training or training courses together with external partners.

Support to get advanced digital skills.


Support services for companies, especially SMEs and start-ups, such as: access to financial institutions and investors, supporting the use of InvestEU and other relevant financing mechanisms

Free advice for beneficiaries on accessing European funds and national programs in the area of digitalisation.

Entrepreneurship development, financing, consulting, coaching, access to financing as a service, cascade funding.


Bridging the collaboration between the industry, businesses and administration that need new technological solutions on the one hand, with companies, especially start-ups and SMEs, that have ready-to-market solutions on the other.

Providing information / communication to partners, partners and beneficiaries (target group) on: Policies, European and national programs, EU and national legislation and specific events (elaborate an innovation center newsletter).

Business opportunities in Romania, EU and internationally

Strategic collaboration Disemination in audio-visual media, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

Mapping the regional innovation ecosystem and the beneficiaries or potential suppliers (contact, skills, areas of interest);

Support in identifying business partners or transfer of skills in Romania, EU and internationally

Access to network

Representation in networking meetings / forums and negotiations with potential partners;

Organizing brokerage events and participating in economic missions abroad.

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