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North-East Romania. A hub for : AI, Advanced Digital Skills, Healthcare, Public Administration, Textiles

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AI, robots, cobots, IoT, cybersecurity. Advanced technologies and skills. International experts.

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Test before invest

Raising awareness and providing or ensuring access to expertise, know-how and digital transformation services, including testing and experimentation facilities


Access to finance

Access for SMEs & startups to financial institutions and investors, supporting the use of InvestEU and other relevant financing mechanisms.


Digital skills

Support in developing advanced digital skills (for example, by coordinating with education providers to provide short-term training for workers and internships for students)


Innovation Ecosystem

Bridging the collaboration between the businesses and public administrations that need new digital solutions and provider companies, especially start-ups and SMEs.

Digital Innovation Zone: An European DigitaL Innovation HUB

In the context of operating as a digital innovation hub, the objective of DIZ is to provide ongoing support for assessing and improving the digitization of SMEs and local governments in the North-East Region and supporting them in identifying appropriate technology solutions, partners or sources. funding to implement the solutions they need to increase their competitiveness, innovation index and digitization.


Digital Powerhouse
10 years from now, the Nord-Est region to become an european digital powerhouse for ML/AI, cybersecurity, and other advanced tehcnologies.
Advanced digital Skill
Increase the the numbers and quality of the human capital that leads the digital tranformation of the regions.
Digital transformation
Help companies and the public administration get more efficient and innovative by leveraging the advanced techologies, such as Cloud, AI, and cybersecurity.
SME / Startup
Grow the number of innovative and competitive SMEs and startups, R&D centers and investments in tech infrastructure.
Bring together and create sinergies between academia / research and industry.

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Digital Innovation Zone is the first digital innovation hub in Nord-East Romania


DIZ Founders


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