The European Green Deal has the ambition to make the EU’s economy sustainable.

The European Green Deal has the ambition to make the EU’s economy sustainable. This is an evermore challenging promise when we are all navigating a global pandemic with an anticipated ending in sight, but still marred with uncertainty. Future generations, born and unborn, are depending on the decisions that we make right now. The responsibility to correct, improve and create new paths for the way we conduct our businesses, organizations and nations lies principally with the decision makers. 

The European Union, with all its institutions, and together with the Member States are committing significant resources and are putting forward plans to make post-COVID-19 Europe a greener, more digital, more resilient and better fit for the current and forthcoming challenges continent. A number of important programs are being set up to support this objective: Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, the Recovery Plan for Europe and many national, regional and local initiatives in the same line are among these. 

The European economy relies to great extent on the strength of its estimated 25 million SMEs. Green and digital transformation cannot be achieved without the consistent engagement of SMEs across the EU. This edition of Cluj Innovation Days puts the SMEs perspective on the agenda of decision makers, with the intent to shed more light on their concerns, but also on the existing and upcoming opportunities. 

During the three days of the event we will be looking at some very practical issues about how technology can contribute to the Green Deal program. As an organization concerned with all these issues Cluj IT Cluster is determined to move forward and promote green transformation as a priority for public, private and personal agendas.

Come and join us in this discovery journey from May 19 through 21! We promise an agenda that covers many arrays of interests and gives you the chance to get engaged in lively debates and go home with new and exciting ideas for your business, organization or for you individually. It will be our pleasure to have you with us!

Aplică la oportunități!

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