about UniVRse

– We work in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality sector.

In 2018 we opened the largest VR event hall at that time, and in less than a year we managed to develop a UniVRse franchise concept.

By 2020, we had opened locations in Bucharest, Craiova, Ploiesti, Targu Jiu and Cluj.

These were closed after the arrival of the pandemic, due to the government ordinance that banned the organisation of events for a year and a half.

Currently, we are active in the Corporate field, for the organization of corporate events and the development of complete VR/AR solutions.

– Offering products since 2018.

– Company size: microenterprise, 0-9 employees.

– Target customers: SMEs.

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as a product in the univrse digitization process offers:

Product/ Service

– Complete Virtual or Augmented Reality solutions (hardware and software).

– Consulting for VR/AR technologies.

Level of technological development

– Mature, market-ready or already marketed solution.

Target customers

– SMEs.

Processes that can be digitised by the solution

– Sales, marketing and customer service (customer management, order processing, customer relations).

Economic sectors

– Education, Scientific and technical professional activities, Telecommunications, Information and communication.

Solutions provided by the company

Complete Virtual or Augmented Reality solutions (hardware and software). From organising a simple VR event to advising the client and developing all the software needed for the event.
Consultancy for VR/AR technologies on equipment acquisition or development of complete VR/AR software/hardware solutions.
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Digital solutions

Need help choosing the right solution for your business? We can assess the digital maturity of your business together.

With our tool, we analyse the current level of digital maturity of your company/organisation. Areas of analysis include: digital business strategy, digital readiness, human-centric digitalisation,
data management, automation and sustainable digitisation.