about Black Square

– Bespoke software and Digital marketing.

– Offers products since 2010.

– Company size: micro-enterprise, 0-9 employees.

– Target customers: public institutions and SMEs.

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as a product in the black square digitization process offers:


– Bespoke web portals and hardware infrastructure.

– Analyses commercial data from Digital Advertising platforms.

Level of technological development

– Solution in development/experimental, piloted for example with 1-5 customers.

Target customers

– Public institutions and SMEs.

Processes that can be digitised by the solution.

– Product design and services including research, development and innovation.

– Collaboration between departments, company sites and value chain partners.

– Sales, marketing and customer service (customer management, order processing, customer relations).

Economic sectors

– Consumer goods/products, Culture and creative industries, Education, Manufacture of textiles and textile products, Professional, scientific and technical activities, Public administration.

Solutions offered by the company

Bespoke web portals and hardware infrastructure.
Analyse commercial data from Digital Advertising platforms.
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Digital solutions

Need help choosing the right solution for your business? We can assess the digital maturity of your business together.

With our tool, we analyse the current level of digital maturity of your company/organisation. Areas of analysis include: digital business strategy, digital readiness, human-centric digitalisation,
data management, automation and sustainable digitisation.