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about infoworld

• IT&C solutions for healthcare.

• Offers products since 2000.

• Company size: medium enterprise (50 – 249) employees.

• Target customers: Public institutions, Hospitals/medical offices.

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As a support solution in the digitization process, infoworld offers:

Product and Service

• 1. HOSPITAL MANAGER based on the desktop interface and web services; it allows the registration of the patient in the hospital during all stages: ambulatory, admissions service, on-call room, UPU/CPU, department with beds, day admission department; it allows the tracking of costs on patient / doctor / department both in the ambulatory and during hospitalization; allows the generation of reports specific to each compartment / department, as well as reports to CNAS / CJAS, DSP, SNSMPPDSB, local authorities. LABORATORY MANAGER system for computerization and automation of laboratory activity; flexible and easy to use, suitable for a wide variety of clinical and research applications; integrates with Hospital Manager Suite and Cabinet Manager applications; allows both connecting and receiving results from analyzers and tracking the entire flow of information in the laboratory. PHARMACY MANAGER application specialized software for the computerization of hospital pharmacies; realizes the computerization of all activities carried out in closed-circuit pharmacies; quantitative-value management program of drugs in the pharmacy; functions independently or integrated with the Hospital Manager Suite product within the hospital, with the possibility of application of medicines directly from the ward/offices to the pharmacy.

• 2. The digital solutions offered are dedicated to the computerization of activities carried out in state or private medical units. They allow the recording of patient-related information and follow the information flow specific to each department. They are used in: outpatient clinics, polyclinics, laboratories, hospitals, Blood Transfusion Centers, Public Health Directorates. They allow interoperability with the CNAS and SNSPMPDSB computer systems. Depending on the specifics and informational needs of each type of client, the development technology was chosen to allow operation in the best conditions.

The level of technological development

• Mature solution, market-ready or already sold on the market.

Target customers

• Public institutions.

• Hospitals/medical offices.

Processes that can be digitized through the solution

• Product design and services including research, development and innovation.

• Administration and human resources.

Economic sectors

• Financial services; Life Sciences and Healthcare.

Digital solutions

Do you need help choosing the most suitable solution for your business? Together we can assess the digital maturity of your business.

With the help of our tool, we analyze the current level of digital maturity of the company/organization. Among the analyzed areas are: digital business strategy, digital readiness, human-oriented digitization,
data management, automation and sustainable digitization.