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  • Nifty Learning provides a platform through which training, upskilling and professional development processes of employees and collaborators are digitalized.

  • Offers products since 2017.
  • Company size: micro-enterprise 0-9 employees.
  • Clienți țintă: Spitale/ cabinete medicale, IMM-uri, Insituții publice, Banking & Manufacturing.
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– Nifty Learning is a training and learning management software solution for companies.

– Low-code open-source platform for digitizing internal company processes to manage, monitor and automate processes and workflows.

Level of technological development of the solution

– Mature, market-ready or already marketed solution.

Target customers

– Hospitals/doctor’s offices.

– SMEs.

– Public institutes.

– Banking & Manufacturing

Processes that can be digitised by the solution

– Product design and services including research, development and innovation, Project planning and management, Production (goods, packaging, maintenance, services), Collaboration between departments, company sites and value chain partners, Warehousing and internal logistics, Sales, marketing and customer services (customer management, order processing, customer relations), Customer deliveries, external logistics and eInvoicing, Administration and human resources, Procurement.

Economic sectors

– Aeronautics and space, Agriculture and food, Construction, Defence and security, Education, Energy and utilities, Financial services, Life sciences and health care, Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products, Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres, Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment, Manufacture of food, beverages and tobacco products, Manufacture of leather and leather products, Manufacture of machinery and equipment, Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products, Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; Publishing and printing, Manufacture of rubber and plastic products, Manufacture of textiles and textile products, Manufacture of transport equipment, Manufacture of wood and wood products, Marine and fishing activities, Professional, scientific and technical activities, Public administration, Telecommunications, information and communications, Transport and logistics.

Certificări obținute

Denumire certificare

Denumire certificare

Denumire certificare

Denumire certificare

Solutions offered by the company

Nifty Learning is a training and learning management software solution for companies.The Nifty Learning software platform hosts training materials that can be accessed by employees through a catalogue of learning opportunities and can be used by several types of roles: training coordinator/training administrator, employee, manager, evaluator. The platform can be used to administer materials and plan single learning activities or to create complex learning plans, composed of several materials and activities, each with a specific degree of obligation upon completion. Nifty Learning platform features include: Training plan progress and cost dashboard;Session and task management;Training needs management with course waiting lists;Training function specific data and performance indicators reporting and analysis;Training resource management;Manual or automated notifications to employees;Automated trainer and room booking feeds with calendar invitation;Automated training attendance approval feeds;Training attendance and waiting list management;Training newsletter sent automatically or manually;Automated post-training feedback collection; Publishing and monitoring of eLearning courses, written documents, video, audio or image files;Compliance questionnaires, knowledge assessment tests;Creation and management of complex learning plansStatic and dynamic grouping of employees;Assignment of learning materials and activities to employees; Grouping catalogue items according to categories and competences;Creating surveys;Dedicated employee interface where employees can access assigned materials and mandatory activities, navigate the catalogue and monitor their own learning progress;Actions specific to the manager role: Approving participation, assigning learning materials, monitoring team progress, controlling costs, extracting reports;Actions specific to the evaluator role: creating questions and questionnaires, launching and monitoring test campaigns, evaluating individual tests, analysing results;
Low-code open-source platform for digitizing internal company processes for managing, monitoring and automating processes and workflows.1. Create and customize company-specific internal processes;2. Visual design of workflows and integration with various systems;3. Manage and monitor tasks, projects and objectives;4. Automating repetitive processes and optimizing operational efficiency;5. Creation and management of databases and integration with external solutions;6. Creating and managing digital forms for data collection;7. Creation and management of reports and analysis for performance monitoring;8. Setting up real-time alerts and notifications for critical events;9. Create and manage approval workflows and electronic signatures;10. Manage and monitor data access and security;11. Creating and managing mobile applications for accessing and using the platform;12. Integration with various communication and team collaboration solutions;13. Creating and managing scenarios and tests for process improvement;14. Support and documentation in Romanian for assistance and training;15. Customization of the platform according to company needs and requirements;16. Possibility to extend and develop the platform with additional modules;17. Continuous updates and improvements of the platform to remain competitive and adaptable to market needs.
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