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• 4222 construction works of utility projects for electricity and telecommunications

• Offers services since 2006.

• Company size: small enterprise (10 – 49) employees.

• Target customers: Public institutions, Hospitals/medical offices, SMEs.

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As a support solution in the digitization process, HD NETWORKING offers:


• Building fiber optic/copper/radio/microwave telecommunications infrastructure, voice and data structured cabling.

Target customers

• Public institutions.

• Hospitals/medical offices.

• SMEs.

Economic sectors

• Aeronautics and space; Construction; Defense and Security; Education; Energy and Utilities; Professional, scientific and technical activities; Public Administration; Telecomunications; Information and Communications; Transport and logistics.

Digital solutions

Do you need help choosing the most suitable solution for your business? Together we can assess the digital maturity of your business.

With the help of our tool, we analyze the current level of digital maturity of the company/organization. Among the analyzed areas are: digital business strategy, digital readiness, human-oriented digitization,
data management, automation and sustainable digitization.