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about alini

• The digital platform for mediating the doctor-patient relationship at a distance.

• Offers products starting in 2019.

• Company size: micro-enterprise (0-9) employees.

• Target customers: Public institutions, Hospitals/medical offices, Doctors, Patients.

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As a support solution in the digitization process, alini offers:

Product and Service

• ALINI is a mobile IT platform that offers remote doctor-patient connection, Electronic Health Record (virtual medical record), online appointments in the doctor’s schedule, chat, voice and video calls. Patients present their health status, upload documents, share real-time information with doctors and make appointments online. The patient keeps the medical information well organized in a virtual folder and gives the doctor access to view it. Doctors can remotely monitor the patient’s health status and medication.

The level of technological development

• Mature solution, market-ready or already sold on the market.

Target customers

• Public institutions.

• Hospitals/medical offices.

• Doctors.

• Patients.

Processes that can be digitized through the solution

• Provision of remote healthcare services.

Economic sectors

• Life Sciences and Healthcare

Digital solutions

Do you need help choosing the most suitable solution for your business? Together we can assess the digital maturity of your business.

With the help of our tool, we analyze the current level of digital maturity of the company/organization. Among the analyzed areas are: digital business strategy, digital readiness, human-oriented digitization,
data management, automation and sustainable digitization.