The first Digital Innovation Hub in Romania's North-East region


Digital Innovation Zone is the only European Digital Innovation Hub in the North-East region of Romania

Created in 2019, at the initiative of the Northeast Regional Development Agency, universities, clusters and several private companies in the field of technology & digital marketing in the region. They support, with expertise, solutions, programs and professionals, the digital transformation and innovation of SMEs and public hospitals. The founding organizations and companies are presented here.


Cristina Baghiu

Hub Coordinator Leader Digital Culture group
Atelierul de Idei & NGO DIZ President

Conf. Dr. Simona Caraiman

Academic & Test-before-invest coordinator
Technical University "Gh. Asachi" Iași

Georgiana Dragomir

Communication leader

Lidia Bețoaea

Innovation Ecosystem Leader
North-East Regional Development Agency

Carmen Mihai

Co-leader Health grup

Conf. Dr. Ionuț Nistor, MD

Co-leader Health Group
MAVIS Center, UMF Iași

Delian Coroamă

Manufacturing group Leader

Florin Cardașim

AI group leader

We are part of several industry & DIH associations at EU level, such as DIH2, I4MS, Change2Twin certified DIH, EEN node, EIT Health & EIT manufacturing ecosystems. Our organization supports the successful and sustainable digital and green transformation of the region, helping SMEs and public hospitals to advance their digital transformation while supporting innovative companies to create new digital products & solutions.


SME from health and manufacturing sector

Ecosystem partner (University, Cluster, EDIH etc.)

Service provider for digitalization solutions

What’s a European Digital Innovation Hub?

European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) are one-stop shops that support companies to respond to digital challenges and become more competitive. Because they are present at the regional level, they know the needs and problems the companies face. Through the EDIHs network, they facilitate the exchange of best practices available and provide the needed skills that are not locally available. With the help of EDIHs, companies receive access to innovative services and training that support the development of digital transformation.

The main activities done by EDIHs are:

Objectives for the period 2021 - 2028

Provide ongoing support for assessing and improving the digitization of SMEs and local governments in the North East Region and supporting them in identifying appropriate technological solutions, partners, or sources of funding to implement the solutions they need to increase competitiveness, the innovation index, and the digital index.


Development of the one-stop-shop concept in the region through support services in the digitalization of companies and public institutions, covering end-to-end the entire digital innovation process.


Supporting regional and international cooperation, and cooperation in the research sector - public sector - private sector - universities


Functioning as the epicenter of the regional digital innovation ecosystem in the North East region, by taking the lead in the ICT sector and improving the capacity of the ecosystem


Transforming the region's workforce into a highly digitalized one, mapped to the needs of sectors with smart development potential in the region

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