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Digital Innovation Zone Nord-Est


Digital Innovation Zone is the first digital innovation hub in Northeast Romania, a community of people, companies, start-ups, education centers, research and innovation centers, who want to collaborate and move further in the world digital.

There are 11 clusters in the region

With a total resident population totaling 3,210,481 inhabitants and a total area of 36,850 km ^ 2. the North-East region is the largest development region of Romania.

In the region are located 5 innovation and technology transfer entities, 2874 researchers and 35 doctoral schools. There are 11 clusters in the region. Four of them are CLUSTERO members totaling 130 enterprises, 12,000 employees, a total turnover of 2.85 billion lei, exports of 288 million euros and R&D expenses of 43 million lei – increases by 61% for exports and 207 % for CD expenses.

Business support structures are represented by 17 entities – 8 industrial parks, 1 technology park, 8 business incubators, there is a need to make investments to develop entrepreneurship and increase the number of start-ups based on fast-growing business models and innovation.

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