Digital Innovation Zone Nord-Est

North East Region

The European Digital Innovation Hub - Digital Innovation Zone in the Northeast region

Digital Innovation Zone is the first digital innovation hub in North-East Romania that was established in 2019. It brings together a community of people, companies, start-ups, educational centers, research and innovation centers, who want to collaborate and embark together on the journey to digitization.

Description of the North-East region

➜ The largest development region of Romania;

➜ 6 counties;

➜ 36,850 km^2;

➜ 3,210,481 inhabitants;

➜ 3 international airports;

➜ 11 clusters;

➜ 7 Universities;

➜ 53,000 students;

➜ 35 Doctoral schools;

➜ 2874 researchers;

➜ It has the largest number of patents (IP) in Romania;

➜ 56 public hospitals and one regional Smart hospital;

➜ 2300 IT companies (50% active in Iasi county);

➜ 20% of SMEs use medium and advanced technologies;

➜ Health and IT – regional smart specialization strategies.

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